I learned how to pray when I was twelve. I try to do it twice a day. It really helps me with my anger and stress. I don’t get to see my kids right now. They are in a foster home because I’m getting my life together so I can be a better mother. I know that God is there and He loves me. He wants what’s best for me.

  1. Go to quiet room and close the door.
  2. Find a comfy spot and sit down.
  3. Cross your legs.
  4. Clear your mind, don’t think about anything.
  5. Completely relax.
  6. Do this for 10–20 minutes everyday.

Sara was one of the early participants in the project before the current framework was established. In much of the work she created, she spoke to her desire to get her children back from Child Protective Services. She had lost them because of her substance abuse. During the time she was in the project, she did in fact get her children back into her care and moved away from the area to start over. In our conversations, Sara wanted to share that the world is a storm and the only way to not get lost is to create a practice of stopping time through mindfulness. She invites other people to find their own practice of stillness to help calm a turbulent mind.