Credits & Acknowledgements

For Rosendo Medina
April 30, 1940 – August 29, 2019
I will see you again.

Created by:
Justin Maxon

Project co-conceptualized with:
Marina Lopez

Co-organized by:
Justin Maxon
Aaron Ochoa

In collaboration with:
Aaron Ochoa
Michelle M. Miller
Kristy Lee
Tim Juranovich
Aaron Pinola
Rachel Hill
Cecila Langan
Gary Harford
Stephanie Essig
Sylvia Johnson
Sara Balke
Riley Clark

Project design and strategy:
Jordan Rosenblum

Harrell Fletcher
Ariana Jacob
Marina Lopez
Lisa Jarrett

Editing by:
Becca Kauffman
Julie Ranieri
Roberto Delgado

Cover art by:
Sims Vincent

Skill drawings by:
Justin Maxon
Mathew Contos

Animations by:
Miguel Ramos

Website developed by:
Lillyanne Pham

With funding by:
The National Geographic Society, California Arts Council, Center for Photographic Art and Humboldt Area Foundation.

Book Printed by:
Brown Printing in Oregon, June 2022

This project could not have happened without the generous support of everyone involved