I try to make light of anything—mad, sad, or blue. It makes me happy to make somebody else laugh. There’s a lot of depression going on right now in this house. I chop that up quite a bit. I’ve always had it, been totally off the wall with whatever I’m wearing or whatever I’m doing, provided I’m not mad already. I saw a shrink the other day and she asked me, “Oh, what would you call your mood right now?” I said, “pissed off.” She said, “Oh, how long have you felt this way?” I said, “Since you called yesterday and told me I had an appointment.” Lol.

  1. It has to be in the moment, you never know what someone will do until it’s done.
  2. Be quick on your toes, be ready.
  3. Open your eyes and pay attention to everything. Even if you don’t say anything in the moment, it can be used later.
  4. Be nosy!
  5. Be unique, try to stand out in the crowd.
  6. Some things are not funny right away; they can be funny later in the right situation.
  7. Research topics, look for them, get familiar, so you can use them later in a joke.
  8. Look for things that make you happy, or someone else happy. There’s energy there.
  9. Just because people are sad doesn’t mean you have to be sad.
  10. Just because you are sad doesn’t mean you have to make everyone around you sad.

Sylvia was one of the early participants in the project before the current framework was established. Her skill is about making light of anything that is heavy with laughter. She is one of the funniest people I have ever met. During our time together, laughter was always present. She could have been a stand up comedian.

Another way that she cuts up negativity is by dressing in a colorful and flamboyant manner. Everyday she wears some new bright (I mean blaring) outfit. One time, I counted how many pants she had on and I got to 100 before I stopped counting. Before her time in the project ended, she was working on an exercise about inspiring others to dress loudly, even if it's just in their own home. She invites people to go to the nearest used clothing store and find outfits of the brightest colors, take them home and spend the day doing your daily activities wearing them. You will notice a difference in your mood.

Outfit #1
Burnt orange ruffle v-neck blouse, don't forget the cleavages.
The peacock featured psychedelic printed I dream of genie pants.
My fussy furry cushiony brown feat sheepskin boots, with a black and gold Victorian wallpaper leggings.

Outfit #2
My merlot champagne with bubbles, tight fitting sleeved long shirt.
White Indian infused featured tapestry pants, cigarette burns and flower top print.
Matching winery merlot alpine Swiss furry le bottom down boots.
Leggings of the Victorian flare.

Outfit #3
Arabic influenced sun low on the horizon red golden light gem squash blossom muumuu.
Black shade button up buckle over viper riding boots

Outfit #4
Leopard print see thru tank top and lace up bra with gold studded lace up eyelids.
Blue jean bell bottoms distressed at the knees and hem.
With matching leopard print boots with furry fuzzy ball laces.

Outfit #5
Maui lavender nightlife, palm prawn blouse.
Black on black on black leggings and jeggings.
Black velvet gold zipper easy riders.














Outfit sex. I mean #6
My birthday suit.
Describe that mother fucker.
You can throw me in the dryer but you can't iron out the wrinkles.
With black leather harness boots… don't put me on a motorcycle seat, I’ll hold on…
Send me back to church.
*No picture, just imagine it!

Outfit #7
Button up polka dot see through shirt, with black sheen under dressing.
Floral paisley blue printed breezy bandana pants.
Black slip on go shoe snow shoes.

Outfit #8
Striped sleeves abstract Richter Scale print shirt.
Distressed pale blue skinny jeans with patches on the inside.
Smokey gray western slouch rider boots.

Outfit #9
Acid splash candle melting, taste the rainbow black hoodie.
Fitted black leggings.
Multi color, Chewbacca at a disco party knee high boots.